Contribute Information

  1. We would love for you to contribute information about your experience with fluoroquinolones and health history via our online surveys!  Please see the “Current Questionnaires” page for more information on which surveys are available.

  2. If you know of others who have experienced what they believe was an adverse reaction tied to fluoroquinolones, consider sharing your knowledge about this study with them and asking if they would contribute their experience. 

  3. We are always looking for control subjects who have taken fluoroquinolone antibiotics and believe that they have not experienced any adverse effects.  Even if you experienced adverse effects, please consider having your friends and family fill out surveys so we may understand predisposing risk factors.

Contribute Donations

  1. Contributions are crucial to covering the cost of this work.  Unlike most who do research on fluoroquinolones, we do not solicit or accept money from the pharmaceutical industry for this work.  We believe this is vital to permitting an unbiased evaluation that includes both risks and benefits of fluoroquinolones.  Your contribution can truly make a difference.

  2. Furthermore, applications for government grants to study drug adverse effects generally require a substantial body of new research be gathered prior to starting the lengthy application process.

  3. Donate Online

  4. To contribute online, payment can be made through our foundation fund via UCSD’s Online Giving System.

  5. Look for a search box on the left under the words “Explore more giving options.”  Manually enter the fund number “3923” and press enter or click the search icon.  The search results should appear with the fund “Medical Reasoning (3923)” listed for the area “Medicine.”  Select the fund then click the Continue button.

  6. On the next screen in the box under the label “Special Instructions,” mention that the gift is “For Dr Golomb's Fluoroquinolone Effects Study” and enter credit card or electronic funds transfer information. 

  7. Donate by Mail

  8. If you wish to contribute a donation by mail, a check can be made to “UC San Diego Foundation, Fund number 3923”.  Any amount would be welcome.  Mention the donation is "For Dr. Golomb's Fluoroquinolone Effects Study." Send to the address:

  9. UCSD Fluoroquinolone Effects Study

  10. 9500 Gilman Dr. Dept. 0995

  11. La Jolla, CA 92093-0995

  12. Your support in this effort is deeply appreciated!

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